There exists a lot of reasons why humans are the very cause of environmental deterioration. This includes population explosion, industrialization, extensive carbon emission, and ignoring nature’s pleas for help.

The rapid increase in population cripples the economy. It can also affect the number of resources needed when it comes to the manufacturing of materials and food production. This is why preservation additives and Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs are created to help solve global hunger for millions of people around the globe. As a result, it disrupts the natural growth and development of plants and animals and inflicting negative side effects.

Additionally, industrialization is yet another side effect of the rapid growth of the global population. If not for the need to create more shelters and more cities, then we would still be living amid beautiful landforms instead of bottomless landfills, smoke-spewing factories, and exposing ourselves to dangerous amounts of radioactive energy.

We have been around long enough to document and observe hundreds if not, thousands of environmental phenomena. We are living in the right era with the right amount of knowledge to help combat global warming, climate change, and possibly help those affected by the repercussions of reckless and irresponsible industrial development.

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