Climate Change on Home Constructions

Assessing the number of resources needed for the construction of a new house always works better with a professional who also shares the passion for conservation along with you. We believe that the reduction in greenhouse gasses and lumber use is just as important as building a shelter. This is why on this page, we will be listing down many reasons why building a house does not have to cost too much and place our environment at a disadvantage.

Energy-efficient powered home – this can be made possible by using appliances with less greenhouse gas emissions and using hydro or solar power to power up your home, thus, saving you …

Climate Change on Business

In this section, we will be tackling various ideas on how to handle a business in adaptation to climate change:

Drawing plans – this is where the assessment of the business, as a whole, will be studied and scrutinized. Feasible ideas will need to be created afterward.
Budget plans – just like starting a new business plan, budget planning will have to be rendered especially in times of natural disasters and such. Allocating a fixed amount in case of emergencies is one good way of saving the business and the owner from additional problems in the future.
Spotting the Priorities/Demands – businesses can …

Climate Change on Adaptation

The world has been evolving even as we speak and every day, lives are changing by the second. Some are experiencing the calm before the storm while others are in the middle of a full-blown wildfire. Although half of the world may not understand why never leave their place of origin, it is also important to consider how the concept of “adaptation” has made living within disastrous areas become more livable as time passes by.
Other examples of adaptation we can freely observe on a day-to-day basis are as follows:

Adaptive capacity – examples of this are houses made of heavy materials and stronger foundations built …