Technology made it possible for us to predict an upcoming phenomenon taking place.  For example, the Climate. This is important especially for somebody living near the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Climate can be predicted in two ways:

Climate Models

According to NASA, scientists use Climate Models to predict and track climate. These computer-generated programs record past and current atmospheric events. It is where long logs of observations are being kept to guide them in making predictions, formulating solutions, and disseminating information for worrying areas in times of typhoons, dry seasons, and rainy seasons.

Common Observation

Generally confused with the term ‘weather’, Climate lasts for an even longer period compared to the Weather which only lasts daily. If you already know the difference between the two, then tuning in to weather and climate updates will be easy for you.

If you’re concerned about the impact of global warming on the climate, it is best to do some extensive research to know important details and developments. Organizations like NASA, National Geographic, or your local Weather reports can help you get up-to-date intel about what happens in your area in the coming months.

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