9 Ways to Keep the Environment Clean

The environment is the leading cause of the world’s problems. We are currently experiencing global warming, pollution, and an extinction rate that has never been documented before.
We all care about the environment and want to do our part in helping it, but we often don’t know where to start. What can you do to help?
How about packing CBD eatables in reusable containers to avoid wastage? As simple as it may sound, it has a huge impact on society. If you care about the environment, keep reading!
1. Use reusable …

Health Risks of Vaping

The Environmental Impacts and Health Risks of Vaping

E-cigarettes and vaping have been long marketed by Industry leaders as safer alternatives to cigarettes and other conventional tobacco products. The modern and compact forms of vaping and e-cigarette devices have made their sales skyrocket, especially among young people.
Nevertheless, there have been reports on deaths and hospitalizations caused by vaping activities. Still, apart from the health risks, many experts have warned us about the environmental impact of it.
Environmental impacts of vaping and e-cigarettes
Vaping devices use single-use plastic components in their …

A Thanksgiving: Plastic Edition

Commemorating Thanksgiving meant having the entire family coming together, sharing fun stories, and eating lots of food — but with a side of plasticity. And by ‘plasticity’, we are talking about discarded plastics that had nothing to do with Thanksgiving all together.
Single-use plastics, cellophane bags, plastic bottles, and tiny packet-packaging can significantly affect the amount of trash being piled over landfills and places like the Great Pacific Garbage patch. And take note, this doesn’t even lessen the number of garbage expended during holidays every year. Statistically, Americans throw away 25% more trash during …

Wolves Facing Extinction

Wolves have been having a bad rep lately, thanks to illegal poachers raiding their habitats and killing them as prey. This is because wolves were not being protected by most states as a species altogether. Most people deem them to be dangerous beasts of the wild and poachers are more than happy to kill them like a game.
According to National Geographic, the Gray Wolf species had almost been extinct 48 years ago. Luckily, experts stepped in and laid out their research and insisted on the protection and preservation of the animal that they are now taken out of the endangered list of extinct species. However, the rest of the other wolf…

Why Whole Foods Go Plastic-Free?

We see them all around us: shiny vegetables individually wrapped in air-tight cellophane, single-serving meals in Styrofoam or plastic cups, and smaller bottles upon bottles of drinking water. Plastic packaging has taken over more than half of our grocery lists which was hard to keep up with our carbon footprint.
Plastic pollution is one of the top problems the world is facing today. Single-use plastics and Whole Foods are among some of the industry’s top users of plastics that even their motto of “Planet over Profits” seems more of a marketing strategy jingle instead of a promise.
Just recently, microplastics were …