Wolves have been having a bad rep lately, thanks to illegal poachers raiding their habitats and killing them as prey. This is because wolves were not being protected by most states as a species altogether. Most people deem them to be dangerous beasts of the wild and poachers are more than happy to kill them like a game.

According to National Geographic, the Gray Wolf species had almost been extinct 48 years ago. Luckily, experts stepped in and laid out their research and insisted on the protection and preservation of the animal that they are now taken out of the endangered list of extinct species. However, the rest of the other wolf species are not that lucky.

The Endangered Species Act or ESA is a haven for wolves all over America. However, its loss has allowed the killings to resume and more than half of their population were being killed and tortured. This event did not stop until a federal court ordered to put a stop to it in 2015. Areas like Wisconsin, Idaho, Minnesota, and Michigan had nearly wiped out several wolf species due to the lack of federal protections against the brutal killings.

Ruining their habitat and killing their kind is what drives them to become even more feral. We need to bring back the ESA.

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