Natural ecosystems are our main source of resources and nutrition. It is a place where biotic and abiotic factors coexist through a system surrounded by nutrient cycles and energy flows. In these settings, living things grow, thrive, and repopulate. Just like humans, they grow in clusters called habitats depending on their environment and status within the food chain.

But how is this possible?

Animals are keener and more capable of identifying significant changes better than most humans. They can feel the air pressure and detect natural gasses more quickly than ours which accordingly, makes it possible for them to flee or warn us.

And just like humans, they too, are getting affected by climate change. Places like tropical rainforests, polar ice caps, islands, and coral reefs are on the brink of destruction. You might have heard the sudden migration of bird species on the news by now even if it never matches up with the right season. Most people will say how it’s “amazing” and “wonderful” but they never realized that their sudden move is mainly for survival purposes.

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